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Saudi Company specialized in design & execution, working to achieve a high quality and efficiency level, while respecting the cultural and social backgrounds of our clients and elevating the public sense.

Loyalty and social responsibility
Integrity & transparency
Motivation and Distinctiveness


To be one of the largest design specialized companies, and the trusted partner pioneer


Achieving customer satisfaction through quality of services, cost control and time management, while finding solutions to all budgets in an innovative way and making interior design accessible to everyone.


"Every new project is a new challenge to achieve customer satisfaction that deserves our resources"

Success Partners


Interior Design

We help our client in creating his own luxurious environment, based on his personality & lifestyle.

Exterior Design

Facade and landscape design that suits the cultural environment through creative solutions.

Projects planning

Study the project in a designed functional way, Then provide the best Simplified solution to the client.


For a more easy and time consuming solution, we provide design consulting service to help you in both planning and selection.

Supervision and Execution

We supervise our client's project through our qualified partners, we also provide resourcing services & studying the total cost of your project.


Execution and supervision
Exterior design
Exterior design
Planning Projects
Execution and supervision
Execution and supervision
Execution and supervision
Interior Design
Interior Design

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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jubail Industrial City, Al Fanateer District, Waterfront, Al Shiraa Street, Al Arfaj Building, Office No. (2).

P: +966 55 211 1431
F: 013 346 8700
e-mail: Info@EbtMD.com